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San Patricio Melaque and Barra de Navidad - Winter 2007/2008 - ROADTRIP-ONLINE.COM - Follow us on the road to Mexico!
Step 7 - 25/12/2007 - San Patricio Melaque and Barra de Navidad - 5819 km

We were planning to stay one night, then 2 nights.. well we've stayed 4 nights! The place is wonderful, our friends friendly, we can't imagine something better for christmas! Perfect place with good company wow!

The first morning, we took a walked to the market, that's why we felt in love with the city of Melaque! The small market are so pleasant!

The next day, our friends Fany and Gerald lend us their 2 bicycles! We took a ride to Barra de Navidad, the city next to Melaque.

The 24th at night, our friends had something planned at the restaurant, as we were "last minute", the restaurant was unfortunately full! So we've stayed at the camping having great time together and calling home with Skype.

The beach here is perfect for walking, in the morning, in the evening.. it's always good to walk! Now we understand why our friends are staying here this winter.

The day of Christmas, people on the campground gave small bags with gifths for the children of the city.

About 500 kids came to get their gifths! It was such a great experience to see kids happy like that!

After the gifth, we met our neighboors! It was finally very fun to have a real discussion in spanish after about 1 year! They were unfortunately leaving the same day !

Flowers are always beautiful.. even more when they are placed like that on that picture:

The morning of Christmas, we took a walk to Cuastecomate in the moutains it was wonderful!

In the city, the colors are not missing! The city and the zocalo are colorful! At night, we had a great "Quebec" lunch with our friends, we were 22 in total! We bought a huge "tres leche" cake to participate at the party! It was delicious!!

The night was perfect! Very different from the tradional Christmas we usually have in Quebec with the snow and the winter.. but still very fun!

It was impossible to imagine something better for Christmas with good company like that!

It was an unforgetable party! Tomorrow, december 26th, we'll continue our way to Huatulco. We'll probably stop again and again, the west coast of Mexico definitively worth it!

Michael & Mario

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